The shape calculator!!!


Ladies! You might have heard about style your shape. Well with the shape calculator you will be able to know exactly which shape you are and what to wear to emphasize or  to tone down your curves.

Boyish or Banana shape:  You want to make your shape as chic as possible by creating some feminine curves. A push-up bra is a great way to achieve killer cleavage and will help add curves to your upper half. Try wearing a waist belt – it’s a great way to give your waist definition or if you can’t work a belt into your outfit try going for peplum; not only is it one of this season’s hottest looks but the tulip style frill will add a gorgeous curve to your midriff.

Hour glass:  If you’re lucky enough to rock an hourglass figure then it’s time you started showing off that tiny waist and those assets. V-necks are a great way to draw attention to two of your best features and will slim your neck and chest area, drawing attention down the body. The ‘tuck it in’ rule can be applied to your shape best of all – if you’re wearing a shirt, tuck it in to your bottoms – shirts that fall down loose over your chest can make you look bigger than you actually are!

Apple or Square Shape:  If you’re a juicy apple shape then it’s your slim hips and great bum and legs we need to be promoting here! Avoid oversized tops which can cause your figure to look boxy, instead opt for empire line tops that gather in under the chest and flow out gracefully over the tummy. Make sure that your bottom half is complimented by high-waisted jeans that will sculpt your tummy and show off that great behind.

Top heavy:  If you’re top heavy then it’s all about balancing out the bottom half. Patterned trousers will work wonders with a smart, simple top. Long necklaces and draping accessories are great for drawing the eyes down the body, rather than focusing on one part of your figure. Stay away from shoulder pads and embellishments as these will add bulk to your top half.

Pear:  Your bum and hips are your best feature so let’s get working on them girl! A sharp a-line skirt will add structure and balance to your body when paired with a scoop-neck top, and make sure you keep an eye out for fitted blazers that flare over the hips – this will be perfect for both the office and smart, stylish outerwear. When it finally hots up, show off your slender top half with strapless tops and dresses – the maxi dress was practically made for you!

What shape are you? Let’s find out here

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